Dastardly and Muttley

No surprises for guessing who’s Dastardly and who’s Muttley. 

So it’s been a lovely couple of days in Ko Lanta. Unlike Ko Phi Phi, it hasn’t yet succumbed completely to the tourism industry and there are huge parts of it which are relatively untouched. It’s also a bit cheaper than Phi Phi, which compared to prices back home makes it much cheaper. 

After our first night here listening to a deluded Swede and being amazed by the fire-throwing beach entertainment, we decided to rent a couple of scooters out so we could get about the Island and explore the suggestions in our guide which we got given on the ferry. 

Looking like we were born to ride scooters we headed out and grabbed a quick bite to eat at a small French cafe. We got chatting to the owners wife who was mad as a box-of-frogs (ironic given we were in a French cafe) who brought out two very cute kittens. Naturally, Milly fell in love instantly (with the kittens, not the crackers lady) and I had to prize her away from the place, but not before the lady promised to name one of the kittens Emily. Mills was understandably proud as punch. 

Our next stop was the Lanta Animal Welfare centre. We got a free guided tour of the place and they gave us the low-down on it’s history and Lanta’s domesticated animal landscape. As we’ve already eluded to in previous posts, Thailand seems to have a huge cat population (and a smaller dog population) and around 13 years ago a Dutch lady (I forget her name) came over for a holiday and found there was no vetinary industry and therefore most of the cats were feral and multiplying by the bucket load; for all you trivia buffs, 1 cat can multiply to 80 within a year. Every time a cat mates, they get preggers. Pretty potent if you ask me. 

When she got back home she decided to sell everything she had and move over here to set up the Animal Welfare Centre and now 13 years later its home to 60 cats and 50 dogs and they believe they’ve neutered around 80% of the stray population. 

All the cats and dogs there are up for adoption and the Centre relies on placing the animals in order to make room for others which are constantly coming through the door. The whole placed is manned by volunteers – good work guys. 

We got a few pics of the little cuties and the place as a whole, below.

If, on the off chance, anyone reading this would like to adopt a cat or dog (they have various breeds of each) feel free to drop them a line: http://www.lantaanimalwelfare.com/

At around midday we left the Centre and headed further south to check out some of the other attractions on offer. Unfortunately though, more or less as soon as we left we got hit by a huge tropical storm (there’s a few crappy pics below of the water belting down and me looking drenched).

When the storm was on, we took refuge in a lovely street vendor’s house come restaurant. She spoke very little English but her fella, who was a tuk tuk driver arrived and was telling us about how his 5 brothers and sisters all live either side of him. They were such lovely people and I suppose these are the type of people who directly benefit from the increase in tourism – which was nice to see. 

Milly wasn’t so steady on the scooter despite giving it the biggun before we left and driving through torrential driving rain isn’t something either of us were up for, so when it died down a little we quickly shuttled back up to our bunk before it was time to rendezvous later on with Jack and Rose. 

We met up with Jack and Rose at an Irish bar because we planned on watching United there and proceeded to shovel drinks down our necks to the early hours of the morning. We ended up on the beach until 5am ish until it was time to say goodbye to our new fond friends. 

As you’d expect, not a lot got done the next day apart from later that evening, given the intrepid explorers which we aspire to be, we went exploring the shores in search of, well, whatever we could see really. We happened across a beautiful hermit crab and persisted in scaring it to death by shoving a camera in front of its face. The results you can see below. 

Milly then went for a cheeky Thai massage off a woman who looked like she could crush a diamond with her bare hands. It wasn’t for me so I nipped off to fetch some toothpaste and bug spray. On route to the 7-Eleven I got shouted at by a local gent who warned me about trespassing and the likelihood of snakes being on his land. Thank you sir as I’m not keen on snakes at the best of times!

The next day we jumped on a scooter to fulfil the day which we had lined up before it got rained off. We mooched down south again to explore some forrest and find a waterfall. The trek through the forrest was brilliant (even though I was on constant snake alert) and the waterfall was pretty awesome too so take a look at loads of photos and videos below of the adventure. If you watch the vid below with sound you’ll be able to hear just how ‘jungly’ it was! We again came across some monkeys who were quite friendly until Mills tried pulling one their tales. Word of warning folks, don’t pull a monkeys tail. They don’t seem to like it. 

We grabbed a spot to eat at an almost deserted beach surrounded by a very picturesque landscape then headed over to feed an elephant. 

Prior to getting the the elephant house, we had a little fall off the scooter at a busy junction thanks to some rash driving by someone. Luckily we were both fine and a number of people stopped to ensure we were ok. A bit unlike our experiences in Bangkok and Phi Phi, the locals here are lovely. From the staff at the place we’re staying at (who we’ve played pool with every night we’ve been here) to the guy who potentially saved me from being eaten alive by a snake.

We stopped off to feed some elephants and become a tad sad at their captivity. The way we justified it to ourselves was that although we didn’t agree whatsoever with it, by us giving them food at least they weren’t going to go hungry. We gave Linda the elephant a bunch of bananas and in return she posed for some photos which are below. 

After we’d scooted back home and got glammed up for the night we met up with a friend from back home, Carla. Pretty random that Carla happened to be on the Island and she just so happened to have read one of our previous blogs and gave us a shout to meet up – small world (well sort of anyway).

We met up at the Thai Cat restaurant with Carla her fella Jonny and his mum, Cath. We had a top evening which, yet again, turned into a boozey affair!

Emily the cat
Always fancied myself a Mod

Soggy boy
Pad Thai

Start of the jungle mooch
She would not put that stick down

Said she wanted to do the whole Myleen Klass in the waterfall thing

Sweet beach man

The place near the elephant reserve was also a rubber plantation
Not happy after our little tumble. Only a grazed knee though!

Mills has been drinking too much since we’ve been away!



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