Bites, beaches, Belguims, beers & boats

Hello again everyone! First of all, if its your staff Christmas party today, have a great time and do not drink responsibly. We’ll be thinking of you from our beach resort on one of the Thai islands. 

What an eventful few days its been for us on Ko Phi Phi. Following on from Milly’s post about our first night in Phi Phi, I’ll try to take you through the next couple of action packed days. 

As we didn’t get in until 5am after the first night, the next day was spent relaxing and swimming off those hangovers. We managed to go a full week through 4 countries, 5 flights, dozens of boat rides and copious drinks but I can confirm that Milly has indeed lost her purse. I was quite surprised it lasted as long as it did to be honest. Don’t worry, all cards have been cancelled and it actually might be a blessing in disguise as she now won’t be able to drive in New Zealand or the States.

One thing we did do on our chill-out day was meet a lovely New York couple called Linsey and Mike. Linsey gave us a great tip about a boat excursion (on one of the long boats which Milly mentioned in the previous post) around some of the local islands and sights. We booked ourselves on with our new pals Jack and Rose for the next morning (plenty of boat pics below). Milly did point out at this point that sharing a boat with Jack and Rose was a bit ominous given their namesakes’ track record. I should also apologise to them both for continuously singing the Titanic theme tune. 

We were up bright and early (well, 7:30 am) for our boat trip which was to take us to Maya Bay (where The Beach was filmed), Monkey beach, Viking cove and Shark point. There was also a stop off at an idyllic clear blue spot which was full of colourful tropical fish. See some of the vids below for action footage! 

Our guide and taxi driver for the day was Captain Paul Tong. Paul is in some of the video below. A lovely fellow though I very much doubt his nautical credentials given his lack of wings or a captain’s hat. He was a dab hand at steering us through the bays and making us happy with his cheeky smile. Cheers Paul!

Maya bay was the first stop and it was understandably rammed with tourists. It’s a beautiful spot as you can see from the pics and its credited with bringing most of the tourism to the islands because of the exposure it got from The Beach. I had to stop Milly from robbing a handful of sand because it quite possibly could have contained grains which had passed through Leo’s toes. 

After our stop off here it was onto Monkey beach via the snorkelling area previously mentioned.

The monkeys were great fun and despite us not taking any snacks with us to feed them, we managed to get one climbing all over us. This time it was Milly who had to put her foot down and stop me from pinching one of our little friends. Some great snaps below of the four of us monkeying around. 

After a short stop for lunch it was time to hit Shark point. We were all a bit scepticle when Paul told us there were actually living sharks around this area and I had cut my foot at Monkey beach so was especially scared; as we all know Sharks have penchant for blood. 

Low and behold there were sharks here and we managed to get a view of one through the snorkelling gear. They’re Black tipped sharks and are about 3 foot in length. Was a pretty special moment as Milly and I got to see it together and followed it about for a good minute or two. Unfortunately the GoPro had ran out of battery (we need to start charging our electricals more often) so we couldn’t get a pic! You’ll just have to take our word for it. 

After the trip had finished we hit the beach (and the bar). To save some cash we dropped by a local shop to pick up some booze and relax on our balcony with Jack and Rose. See the pic below of Jack and I flexing in the hammock. The neighbours, a trio of French-speaking (and conveniently English-speaking too) Belgium lads, also decided to join and we spent the best part of the evening, on the balcony, putting the world to rights. 

The next morning we woke up sporting a significant amount of sunburn and insect bites. We had been creaming and bug-spraying up, but the sun and the bugs are pretty relentless over here and found their way through our defence. See the pic of my bug-bite-ridden foot 😦

There is another tourist attraction on Phi Phi called The View, which like The Peak in Hong Kong, gives you a splendid vantage point of the main part of The Island. We concluded it was a walk best to be done around 5pm in order to allow our sun-burnt bodies to recover and to give us a sunset view. The walk was long and steep but given we’re pretty much qualified mountaineers by now, wasn’t much of a problem. It took us through some of the resident’s villages, which are understandably high up given the impact of the 2004 tsunami, and through some quite dense jungle areas. 

We had been on the look out for the Island’s wildlife since we got there and managed to see numerous small lizards, cats, dogs, millipedes (see pick below – also know as ‘Milly peeds’ now) and we also saw a huge monitor lizard near to our hut. We tried to get a pick of the 3.5 foot lizard but the buggar moved too quick. I’ve put the shit pic we got below anyway. 

Once we got to the top, the view was as-you’d-expect, breathtaking. We took numerous shots and I’ve put a bunch of them below. Milly did say it’s quite possibly the best view she’s ever seen (after yours truly of course). 

Once we’d sweated our way back down to the hut, which was probably a good 5km or so, and I’d tended to Mill’s poorly foot (she’d snagged a rock the prior evening whilst going for a wee in the sea), we went down to the resort’s restaurant for a bite-to-eat and a swig-to-drink with our American pals, Mike and Linsey. 

After a wonderful last evening with them chewing the fat about all things Trump and Brexit and ‘Real estate’ or ‘Estate agent’ we high-jacked their insect repellent and vodka supplies, took the obligatory selfie (below) and said our goodbyes. 

We soon slithered off to sleep ready for our next day’s travel to Ko Lanta Isalnd, where the next update will be from. X
In the 2004 tsunami a 21 foot wave hit from the beach on the right side of this pic and a 9 foot wave hit from the left side. It split the isalnd in two and 70% of the islands infrastructure was wiped out. 

The walk up to the view and above that the monitor lizard

Me, jack and Captain Paul

A few of Maya Bay

The bay at night

Me and ‘Belgium Mike’

Below: Us and Linsey and ‘US Mike’. (We’ve already come across a few Mikes!)

A ‘Milly peed’ and above that my poor bitten ankle

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