Hike to The Peak

For our last day in Hong Kong we did plan to go to a museum, but as we were dining on our breakfast of eggs benedict and avocado and poached egg we happened across a couple which we’d met on the first night who told us to sack off any museum and get up to The Peak. 

They did tell us to jump a taxi up there but given we missed out on some vigorous walking the day before we thought we’d give trekking up there a go. 

It was about 7 miles to the top and it was 600 meters high so we had a decent work-out. Infact it was pretty tough. It was steep gradient up a relentless hill, however the views from the top were well worth it. As you can see from my pic below, I was sweating my tits off! 
About a third of the way up there are some botanical gardens as a zoo! Surprisingly the zoo was free so we had a little gander at what it had to offer. There were gibbons, orangoutangs (which didn’t do owt), makaks and chimps – who were having a play scrap over their food. Obviously this encouraged Milly to act like one of them and wrestle me for the best part of 10 minutes.

After monkeying around we headed up the slope again, not really knowing where we were going but as there was only one road up it would have been tough to get lost.

We eventually reached the top and as with most things in Hong Kong they have turned it into a tourist attraction and monetised it to death. At the top there is a huge building which looked pretty incredible sticking out of the hillside. At this point I should add that some of the architecture in Hong Kong is sensational to say the least. Inside the building there were tons of shops and restaurants and it had large lookout terrace at the top. They were charging people a fiver to go up and look out but given how much we’d already spent in Hong Kong, and you could get just as good views from other vantage points, it would have been silly to pay. The views were just amazing. Take a look at some of the pics below. 

We wondered back down a different way because we thought we’d check out the big escalators which can take you half way up the hill. They took us back to SoHo where we’d been the other night. From there we walked back to the hotel to grab our bags and head to the airport so we could jump a plane to the next destination. 

As I think Ludacris once said ‘It’s time to bang cock in Bangkok’. 

Some guys chilling outside a hotel

This was another skyscraper which we nicknamed ‘Transformer’ because MIills said it looked like a Transformer

Sweating like a lady boy in Bangkok!

Author: millyandherminder

A little blog created by Palmer and Hildage about their adventure around the globe. Welcome to one and all. Apart from mushroom lovers, you are not welcome.... but you can read on if your heart so desires.

2 thoughts on “Hike to The Peak”

  1. How long are you in Thailand? My highlight was when I got out of Bangkok and caught the bus to Damnoen Saduak. The floating market was great and there was a huge Wat too. Enjoy 🙂


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