We asked for it ‘Mild’…

Hello friends,

So we’ve now done a full 24 hours in Hong Kong. I have to say we’ve pretty much loved every second of it. Don’t know if that’s because we’re still in the ‘just got on holiday’ mode or because the place is pretty cool. I’d say it’s a mixture of both.

First I’ll tell you about the trip here:

We had a couple of hours to chill before we got on the flight to Hong Kong so we pitted about Dubai airport (which is well massive). Below is a picture of Milly with a camel sculpture (she bloody loves pictures with any sort of modelled figure. Also see the pic of her with the Chinese manikins which was taken as soon as we got to Hong Kong), which was knocking about the airport. It’s also impossible to separate her from shiney things (she’s like a crow), I’ve therefore learnt that duty-free is a no-go zone.

So after a pretty uneventful flight from MCR to DBX (that’s Manchester to Dubai for all you frequent non-flyers 😉 ), the DBX to HKG was a little more eventful. We had a 2 hour delay, whilst we were actually sat on the plane because one of the passengers was kicking off. I know what you’re thinking, Milly can be a bit of a deva, but alas, it was not Milly’s fault. It was however the passenger on the seat front of us. She was kicking off about her luggage or something which ended up meaning the whole flight had to have their hand-luggage rechecked. We were a bit annoyed but not half as much as Gladys and Charles who were our ‘flight fwends’. Sorry but I didn’t manage to get a pic of them, they must have been photo-shy. Gladys was the chatty one who couldn’t help but kick-off with the offender and Charles (her husband of 45 years) was deaf as a post and simply couldn’t give a shit. It didnt end up in a scrap unfortunately but suffice to say Gladys gave her a piece of her mind, Charles gave Gladys a piece of his mind and Milly and I just gave the offender a scornful stare (as did 99% of the other passengers on the plane). Rest of the flight was fine despite the lack of sleep. Some joker nicked the bank of 3 seats in front of us and slept the whole way. I was livid – not as livid as Gladys however who we nearly had to restrain from spitting on him.

So we managed to negotiate the Hong Kong train/subway network quite easily infact, given that it’s really good, and find the hotel. It’s a decent hotel in a nice district of Hong Kong with lots of nice eateries and bars near by.

Hong Kong is probably what you expected it to be. It’s very, very busy and very, very built up. We actually looked it up and it’s the fourth most densely populated country in the world. As you can see from a few of the photos it’s just sky-scraper after sky-scrapper. I mean you cannot find a building which is less than 50 stories, I assume. It’s that busy, with little eatery places that the bin men just barrow round the rubbish. (See the pic of the guy with the ‘bin-barrow’)

It’s also quite westernised (I assume that’s because of it’s British colonial history). So for example, every sign is repeated in English, the plug sockets are the same as Britain, they drive on the left of the road, everybody speaks English (or the American type of English), there’s a big influx of Western brands and most of the food seems to of Western influence (think burgers, chips and pizza). It’s expensive too; £7 for a pint, hotel room £85 per night or £2 a bottle of water.

Right, I’ve painted the picture, you can see the phoots, you know what the places like pretty much. I’ll now tell you about what we’ve been up to.

Take a look at the picture of the food with all the chillis in it. We went out to grab some scran because we were pretty ravenous when we got here. Wanting authentic Chinese food we thought it best to go into one of the shittier looking restaurants because for some reason that’s where we expected to find the real deal. After ordering a load of shit off the menu and asking for it to ‘mild’ it came back and consisted of 90% chilli. In order to null the spice we had to drink shit load of Blue Girl and TsingTao (beer).

After we’d eaten and had a couple of beers, we went to a small bar nearby and there were a few colourful characters there. One lad was a proper giddy bugger. Reminded us of Jonny Sax (love you Jonny), very smiley and enthusiastic and certainly in a sales role for a job. He was a southern English guy who supported United. Not sure he could even spell United to tell the truth but he was good craic and made us laugh, probably because he was smashed out of his box. Plus his actual name was James bond.

One of his mates was a small American kid who dealt with real estate over here and he was telling us that a 1 bed studio apartment over here goes for like £1m which is mad – Almost double the prices of London. He was a decent bloke though. Don’t think he thought much of the Brits though because of the bad name James Bond must have been giving us. He kept getting him to say the word ‘wankers’ in that typical cockney accent.

Next day we slept off the jet lag and went for a wonder into the City. It’s massive and you could walk all day, but to be honest it’s quite samey samey, as in it’s just tower block after tower block. We went down to the harbour area and there were some nice gardens. You’ll see them on some of the pics. There was a really tall building which we nicknamed Wolverene Tower because of the spikey shit it had at the top and it was next to a dive of a promenade which was a bit mental. It was like The Shard next to Dismaland.

We got a cheap ferry to Kowloon, where we went down Canton Road, which was full of posh shops like Gucci, Rolex and Prada. I imagine it’s a bit like Oxford Street in London. There was a proper posh mall on the road which was really clean and full of wonderful looking food. There was also a little stall in there which was selling these Thermos flask type espresso flasks which looked lovely, but we found ourselves asking, does anyone really need that? I mean the thought is nice but it’s novelty gone too far in my eyes. If anyone wants to get me one for Christmas though, just send me the cash and I’ll buy and wrap it for myself.

We walked a few miles from there to go up ‘Big Tower’, or as it’s actually known the ‘International Commerce Centre’, which is the 7th tallest building in the world. Most of the pics below were taken from it’s 100th floor which we went up to. It’s pretty amazing to be honest. We were asking each other, how do they make buildings that big? Like, no crane is that big is it?

We finished off the day going for a few beers in SoHo, which is a bit like the Northern Quarter but has a dock-off escalator going through it (See pics below). Some tourists may think of it as an attraction but we thought it was just for lazy people.

Anyway, we’re off to bed now as we’re planning on climbing to the Big Buddha tomorrow. Stay tuned to see if we make it!

Much love x

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A little blog created by Palmer and Hildage about their adventure around the globe. Welcome to one and all. Apart from mushroom lovers, you are not welcome.... but you can read on if your heart so desires.

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