All ready for the off….

All ready for the off. We’ve caught a glimpse of what is to come already, a man wearing double-denim.

We had a lovely send off breakfast with the rents and in all the excitement forgot it was Jan’s (Milly’s mum) birthday. Sorry Jan! We hope this diary of our exploits makes up for the lack of birthday cake.

The first flight, which is 7 hours from Manchester to Dubai, is on the world famous A380 Emirates Airbus. We are now officially Bus wankers. I’ve never been on a long hall flight and Milly assures me the entertainment will be ‘amazing’. I’m sure it will, I have this weeks copy of The Economist to read!

Anyway, onwards to Dubai and then to Hong Kong (another 7 hour flight). My first time in another continent. Excite x

Author: millyandherminder

A little blog created by Palmer and Hildage about their adventure around the globe. Welcome to one and all. Apart from mushroom lovers, you are not welcome.... but you can read on if your heart so desires.

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